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We develop, implement and integrate smart, robot-supported and highly flexible production systems to make processing, assembly and handling processes more productive in an interconnected production world
and along the entire value-added chain.

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Complete system for deburring and finishing car and truck crankshafts

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The transition to digitalized production is primarily a revolution in software.

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Assembly line for HELICOIL thread inserts

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Employees wanted!
Complete our team.

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Robot cell for punching/joining process of bumpers

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Increase plant availability with Augmented Automation

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Complete production systems: Turnkey systems for your smart factory

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We are a growing company that specializes in developing and constructing complete robot production systems. That´s why we are looking for new employees to complete our team. We also train people, so school graduates can start the carreer with us. Lastly we offer student internships and preliminary internships for young people just beginning their studies. Listen to the german radiospot.
Complete production systems
Modular systems

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