for the industry of tomorrow.


for the industry of tomorrow.


for the industry of tomorrow.

We combine our passion for groundbreaking technologies in machinery manufacturing
with sound software knowledge to create
first-class automation solutions for our customers.
For over 25 years – for the industry of tomorrow.

Technologies and solutions for your production processes

iNDAT supplies state-of-the-art robotics and automation solutions in compact modular design, which can be configured to meet requirements or designed as customized solutions for special applications. Our experienced, interdisciplinary team of engineers develops well thought-out technology solutions and guarantees reliable project management.

By using simultaneous engineering, 3D real-time simulation, offline programming and virtual commissioning, we ensure that your robotic cell functions flawlessly and is soon ready for delivery. Our wide range of linking conveyor solutions guarantees fast and safe material flows. Tracking the production status of each workpiece with the latest Industry 4.0 solutions has long been part of our daily routine.

Innovative complete solutions with the latest technologies!

Why you should choose iNDAT

Are you faced with a complex automation task for which there is no standard solution on the market? Then you have got in touch with the right people! We develop and build a wide range of automation systems tailored to customer requirements, from modular robot cells to automation of complete production lines. iNDAT supplies robot cells for parts handling with numerous auxiliary functions, such as optical quality control or laser marking, as well as systems with sophisticated production processes such as deburring.

As a competent partner, we handle projects quickly and efficiently. As a member of the Max Automation SE group, we are in a position to reliably handle even the largest and most financially intensive projects, as well as to optimally exploit synergies within the Group.

Our partnerships with leading robotics manufacturers enable us to employ the latest technologies. Our partners include Kuka, ABB, Siemens and Schunk.

Keywords such as Industry 4.0, digital twin, augmented and virtual reality are part of our daily routine at iNDAT and are used in the design and manufacture of our systems.

Automation for your system directly from professionals with extensive industry experience, technological know-how and sound process knowledge from over a thousand completed projects.

1. Experience and process knowledge

As a provider of innovative automation solutions with proven technology, we have been supplying high quality for more than 25 years. iNDAT systems are reliably in use at numerous renowned customers’ worldwide.

Our engineering team has extensive experience in the fields of mechanics, electrics and software. With this valuable knowledge and our production expertise, we are able to build complex automation systems in the best possible way and in a well-coordinated manner. Our employees have decades of experience in robotics and automation.Our employees have decades of experience in robotics and automation.

2. Integration of numerous technologies

Your production advantage through integrating a wide range of modern technologies.

Bin picking, deburring, loading and unloading, assembling, punching, stamping, stacking, etc. are just a few examples. Seamless integration into production processes

To fully exploit the potential of modern technologies, we have established partnerships with leading robotics manufacturers. Our partners include Kuka, ABB, Siemens and Schunk.

3. Process reliability and project management

iNDAT is your competent partner when it comes to managing all aspects of your automation order. We coordinate with all the different trades to give you the best possible support.

Planning and functional reliability: Starting with consulting and concept development, through project planning right up to commissioning your systems.

4. Future-proof service concepts

iNDAT offers service concepts for every need. With our fast response times, the ability to get in touch with us by phone, mail, Internet and our hotline, as well as our excellent range of services, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Long machine lives and minimal production interruptions through services and maintenance from us.

5. Strong partnership

We have been a subsidiary of MAX Automation SE since 2015.

Against the background of this strategic alliance, we are in a position to reliably handle even the largest and most financially intensive projects, as well as to optimally exploit synergies within the Group.

With its subsidiaries in the core segment of industrial automation, MAX Automation provides high-quality solutions for key industries such as automotive and medical engineering, electronics and packaging, as well as for other sectors.

MAX Automation SE shares are listed in the Prime Standard Segment of the German stock exchange. The company was floated on the stock exchange in 1994.

6. Sound resources

An ultra-modern administration and assembly center in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, as well as branches in Northern and Southern Germany, create optimal working conditions and enable efficient project management.

7. Customized production

Regardless of your automation needs, we soon come up with a cost-effective solution tailored to your specific needs.

Depending on your requirements, we supply modular and/or customized solutions.

8. Fast commissioning

All iNDAT systems are assembled using the latest assembly technologies at our headquarters in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, where they are fully tested and factory-accepted by the customer.

This speeds up the commissioning phase and enables fast and easy integration into the customer’s production environment.

Solutions for your branch of industry

iNDAT develops and builds systems and production lines tailored to customer requirements for a wide range of industries. From modular to customized: we develop complete solutions with the latest technologies.

Automotive industry
Tab Bild für Automotive industry

Solutions for series production in the automotive industry, such as automated manufacturing cells, deburring systems, bin picking solutions, systems for charging parts with different geometric shapes.

Tier 1 to Tier 3 suppliers
Tab Bild für Tier 1 to Tier 3 suppliers

Automotive suppliers for parts and assemblies from Tier 1 to Tier 3 benefit from our solutions, such as deburring cells for transmission parts, bin picking systems for parts with a wide range of geometric shapes, patented punching and bonding systems for manufacturing fenders, as well as automated systems for processing plastics.

Component and product manufacturers
Tab Bild für Component and product manufacturers

Component and product manufacturers from numerous branches of industry use our systems, such as our assembly and joining cells.

Machine tool manufacturers
Tab Bild für Machine tool manufacturers

Among other things, we have successfully carried out projects for the automated loading and unloading of machine tools.

Steel industry
Tab Bild für Steel industry

Integration of a robot in a foundry environment for casting of molten aluminum.

Electrical industry
Tab Bild für Electrical industry

Feeding and discharging rotors into and from an impregnating plant.

Packaging industry
Tab Bild für Packaging industry

Erecting folding boxes and loading goods into the boxes for transport.


Read case studies and current reports about our products. Convince yourself of our modular solutions for small and large series productions or our customized solutions for special applications.

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Modular bin picking system requiring just 2,000 x 2,000 mm of space and capable of handling workpiece weights up to 10 kg

INDAT Robotics offers the following versions of modular bin-picking cells: XL, XL KOMPAKT and M KOMPAKT. This series of highly-flexible robot cells for “bin-picking” consists of modern standard modules with a safety glass enclosure.

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Outstanding expertise in robotics and laser technology

The iNDAT modular system offers a new series of laser systems for customized processing projects. The highly compact modules can be fitted with different laser sources with wavelengths of 260 to 10,600 nm and beams ranging from ultra-short pulse to continuous wave. The quality lasers are state of the art, long-lasting and particularly energy-efficient.

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Simply Smart.

iNDAT stands for high-tech and innovative automated process systems – intelligently combined with state-of-the-art robotics as well as control and 3D vision systems.

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