Reliable handling for maximum efficiency.


Reliable handling for maximum efficiency.


Reliable handling for maximum efficiency.


Reliable handling for maximum efficiency.

Parts spectrum

  • Loading and unloading all containers
  • Transfer to other processing stations, conveyors, containers
  • All workpiece geometries and materials


  • Part recognition with vision and sensor-based systems
  • Loading and unloading with flexible grippers and gripping systems
  • Upstream and downstream processes such as measuring, testing and cleaning etc. can be freely integrated
  • Processing stations and storage systems can be linked up to meet wide-ranging requirements


  • Versatile application
  • Offline programming
  • Precise and constant processes
  • Parts supply and discharge as required
  • Minimizes manual work – high safety for the worker
  • Quick installation, integration and commissioning on site at the customer’s

Range of services

  • Compact and highly flexible modular system
  • All iNDAT products are also available as customized solutions
  • Complete solutions: automation/integration/software
  • Service/maintenance

Product examples Loading and Unloading, Stacking


WORKPIECES: Wide range of workpiece geometries, workpiece weight up to 100 kg, continuous placement, random part orientations possible.
CONTAINER SIZE: Max. 1,200 x 1,200 x 800 mm (L x W x H).
GRIPPING TECHNOLOGY: Parallel, centric, suction or magnetic gripper.
RECOGNITION: 3D vision systems aligned with customer and project requirements. High resolution with fast and efficient image processing.
ADDITIONAL: Placement of parts on conveyor or precise, position-oriented stacking on pallets or blisters. Automated handling of layer dividers possible. Collision-free picking, even with complex component geometries or difficult workpiece orientations and container situations.
ADVANTAGES: Compact design – cell size 3,800 x 4,300 mm. Also suitable for large or heavy parts. Particularly suitable for small workpieces. Short cycle times due to container being scanned at same time gripped parts are set down. Precise gripping with exceptionally high degree of emptying. Low-noise parts singulation. Two loading bays enable uninterrupted container change.


WORKPIECES: Wide range of workpiece geometries, workpiece weight up to 10 kg, continuous part placement, random part orientations possible.
CONTAINER SIZE: 800 x 600 x 600 mm (L x W x H).
GRIPPING TECHNOLOGY: Parallel, suction or magnetic gripper.
RECOGNITION: 3D vision systems tailored to project, product and customer requirements – high resolution with powerful image processing.
ADDITIONAL: Placement of parts on a conveyor. Automated handling of layer dividers possible. Collision-free picking, even with complicated workpiece positions and container situations.
ADVANTAGES: Extremely compact design – cell size 2,000 x 2,000 mm. Exceptionally short cycle times due to parallel image processing during picking step. Parts are precisely gripped, containers are almost completely emptied. Low-noise solution.


WORKPIECES: Passenger car B-pillar, hot formed.
SPECIFICATION: Load and unload laser welding system with fully-automated part turning station.
CONTAINER: Latch boxes for raw and finished parts, size 1,200 x 2,400 mm, loaded by stacker, exact locating with bayonet pins.
GRIPPING TECHNOLOGY: Parallel gripper with flexible suspension to compensate for inaccuracies in workpiece positioning. Automatic gripper change coupling.
PARTS HANDLING: Robot with 7th axis, length 8,000 mm, walkable linear motion track, automatic tool change.
RECOGNITION: Photoelectric sensor for container presence check.


WORKPIECES: Different types of hollow rings, max. weight 1 kg.
SPECIFICATION: Unload rings from load carrier, check orientation, demagnetize, palletize rings on layer dividers, load pallet cage.
GRIPPING TECHNOLOGY: Two pneumatic grippers of different sizes, vacuum grippers for spacers.
PARTS HANDLING: 6-axis robot.
RECOGNITION: Sensor triangulation, parts recognition via 3D vision system.
ADDITIONAL: Multitasking extension set, orientation check, laser marking with DMC code.
ADVANTAGES: Supply and discharge of all parts, high degree of automation, constant processes.


WORKPIECES: Drive shaft, diameter approx. 60 mm, length approx. 550 mm, weight approx. 2.5 kg
SPECIFICATION: Pick up raw parts from hardening grate, set down in transfer station, place parts in workholding fixture, pick up finished parts and place them in loading rack, eject rack, position and present for next processing step
CONTAINER: Basket weight empty approx. 5 kg, 600 mm x 400 mm x 65 mm, hardening rack empty approx. 124 kg, 1,000 mm x 600 mm x 335 mm, 6 shafts per basket, 16 shafts per hardening rack
GRIPPING TECHNOLOGY: Centric gripper, floating design for adaptation to raw part, parallel gripper for simultaneous handling of raw and finished parts, 6-axis robot
RECOGNITION: Workpiece orientation via vision system, workpiece identification via RFID
ADDITIONAL: Two separate corner stations for ejecting baskets in each cell
ADVANTAGES: All shaft types can be processed in each cell, synergy effects thanks to modular design, simple lot change


DESCRIPTION: Use of intermediate storage system as buffer, loading and unloading of raw and finished parts, variable number of buffer stations, baskets and plastic pallets can be used as workpiece carriers, simple and cost-effective loading with workpiece carriers stacked on dollies, high system autonomy.

Application examples

iNDAT parts handling solutions include bin picking, loading & unloading, charging and stacking. The parts can be transferred to other processing stations, conveyors and containers. All containers can be loaded and unloaded, as well as all workpiece geometries and materials handled.

Press release

Modular bin picking system requiring just 2,000 x 2,000 mm of space and capable of handling workpiece weights up to 10 kg

INDAT Robotics offers the following versions of modular bin-picking cells: XL, XL KOMPAKT and M KOMPAKT. This series of highly-flexible robot cells for “bin-picking” consists of modern standard modules with a safety glass enclosure.

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Robot cell for loading and unloading CNC machining centers with heavy parts weighing up to 100 kg.

INDAT has designed a robot cell for automating the loading and unloading process. With this handling cell, CNC machining centers can be loaded and unloaded with raw parts (e.g. rotors) that are difficult to grip and can weigh anything up to 100 kg or more. As far as the range of parts is concerned, the robot cell is designed for high flexibility. It is also designed for maximum process reliability so that it can function autonomously for extended periods of time (e.g. an entire night shift)

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Press release

Parts storage cells and restacking cells made from modular system components

The iNDAT modular system offers a series of parts storage cells and restacking cells for interlinking production lines in numerous ways.

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Adaptable charging cell for gears with low space requirement of just 3 m²

iNDAT has planned and built a charging cell for gears, which is not only highly versatile but also highly compact; as it takes up only three square meters of production space.

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