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If your dream job is in the field of robotics, machine construction or information technology, then you have come to the right place. We train people for careers that offer exciting perspectives and will work with you to plan your future in an increasingly interconnected business world.

Apprenticeship openings 2019
in the fields of robotics, production systems and transportation systems

Industrial Business Management Assistent (m/f)

Location: Ginsheim-Gustavsburg
Duration of apprenticeship: 3 years
Description: Industry business management assistents are the link between management, customers, suppliers and employees in the company. They deal with business-related tasks such as materials management, sales and marketing, human resources, finance and accountancy.

Electronics Technicians specializing in Automation Technology (m/f)

Location: Ginsheim-Gustavsburg
Duration of apprenticeship: 3,5 years
Description: Electronics technicians for automation technology set up highly complex and computer-controlled industrial systems. From individual components, they create a complete automatic functioning system. They program and test systems, commission them and keep them in good working order.

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Lastly, in addition to our apprenticeship openings, we offer student internships and preliminary internships for young people just beginning their studies.