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Parallel to complete production systems and robot cells we offer a Modular Systems Program. This is an application-oriented program of modular robots, portals and transport equipment that serves as a solid technical foundation for implementing modified and scalable solutions. It includes gantry robots, transport and conveying systems as well as robot systems for assembly, processing and handling.

In addition to modular robots, linear and area gantries used for bin picking, loading and unloading machine tools or for different processing steps are available in different dimensions and configurations for interconnecting production equipment and systems.

We also offer transport and conveyor systems designed for maximum flexibility. The horizontal or vertical supply and discharge of parts to different machines can be performed in the smallest of spaces.

You can find selected examples below.

Your benefits at a glance

Tried-and-tested, application-oriented program for modular robots, portals and transport equipment

Easily modifiable when it comes to equipment and functionalities

Simple scalability for changing production conditions (such as increasing volumes or product changes)

Maximum compatibility and reliable assembly and commissioning times through standardized platforms and interfaces

Reliable technology that is the foundation for maximum plant and operational safety

Easy maintenance and service

Modular Robots
Bin Picking

Linear gantry technology

Parts storage and stacking cells

Loading and unloading unit for hardening grate

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