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Complete system for deburring and finishing car and truck crankshafts

For deburring and finishing crankshafts for cars and trucks, we have developed a robot-supported complete solution that achieves high repeat accuracy and also works economically for small batch sizes. A robot now performs the challenging job of rounding (chamfering) the oil drill holes on the big end bearings and main bearings, in particular.
The solution consists of two separate robot cells in a modular design, each 12 square meters in size. The first cell deburrs the plates in the transition areas that are generated during the previous turning/milling process. It also deburrs the oil drill holes in the drill hole cut. A rotation drive turns the shaft to the appropriate position for deburring which is performed by the robot using the appropriate tools. In the second cell, the robot chamfers the oil drill holes using different milling tools and brushes and removes the burrs on the balancing drill holes. After this process, the workpiece is ready for installation and can be treated and packaged for transport.

At a glance

Machines crankshafts weighing up to 150 kg with shaft lengths up to 1200 mm

Simple to integrate thanks to a platform

Loads automatically using a loading portal or manually with lifting equipment

Precisely chamfers the oil drill holes using camera-controlled position recognition at a +/- 0.1 mm accuracy range

Equipped with an automatic tool change system

Replaces worn tools without interrupting the process using an externally accessible integrated retrofit station


For almost 25 years, we have planned, developed and constructed robot-supported production systems as well as processing, assembly and handling solutions for our customers. Our more than 1,000 projects successfully implemented – from the robot cell to the completely interconnected production system – are a testament to our process expertise and experience across all industries.

We focus on custom-made solutions that include process analysis and design, software development and machine construction. We deliver them turnkey ready so they easily integrate into your production environment. We also offer standardized modular systems that can be easily and flexibly modified and are scalable to meet your production requirements.

We have compiled several sample projects so you can better understand how we operate.

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