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Customized heavy-load area gantry

For one of the world’s largest forging plants for ball-bearing rolling rings, we designed and built a customized solution for automating the forging process. A heavy-load area gantry with eight axes links up the forging press with 2,500 t press force, the rolling mill and the cooling line. It handles up to 300 kg of heavy, red-hot workpieces. The requirements included the shortest possible cycle times and a rapid operating speed. Because the gantry additionally functions as an “assistant” to the system operator, major safety requirements also had to be met.

At a glance

8-axis area gantry for interconnecting a forging press, rolling mill and cooling line, individually developed and constructed

2 X-bridges each with one stroke and rotating axis, designed for a bearing load of max. 1,000 kg (gripper + workpiece)

Reliably handles workpieces at temperatures of 1,250 °C, weighing 300 kg

Pneumatic grippers with integrated position sensor

Short cycle times, fast operating speeds

Compact area gantry, easy access for retooling

Designed for high safety requirements based on close interaction between human and machine

Fail-safe control S7-317F

High system flexibility thanks to varied, easy-to-select operating modes that can be pre-programmed


For almost 25 years, we have planned, developed and constructed robot-supported production systems as well as processing, assembly and handling solutions for our customers. Our more than 1,000 projects successfully implemented – from the robot cell to the completely interconnected production system – are a testament to our process expertise and experience across all industries.

We focus on custom-made solutions that include process analysis and design, software development and machine construction. We deliver them turnkey ready so they easily integrate into your production environment. We also offer standardized modular systems that can be easily and flexibly modified and are scalable to meet your production requirements.

We have compiled several sample projects so you can better understand how we operate.

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