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Loading and unloading unit for hardening grate

The task: to accurately grip workpieces and load and unload hardening grates. The solution for this customer: We took our iNDAT modular robot and designed the combination loading/unloading unit for hardening grates.

This combination loading and unloading unit makes it possible to both load and unload hardening grates. The hardening grate is supplied and discharged depending on the processing steps via an iTS system with, for example, two feed tracks and two discharge tracks. Sensors/actuators and a camera system notify the presence of hardening grates and workpieces.

The system is equipped with both a mechanical and electrical interface for the loading or unloading position. Workpieces are generally removed individually. Depending on the type of hardening grate, modular modifications are possible.

Technical specifications

Platform: about 3,500 x 4,500 mm

Robots and robotic control: KUKA / ABB / FANUC

PLC: Siemens S7 300 Series

Interfaces: including conveyor technology, WMZ, customer-specific

Technology: Vision system


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