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Robot cell for automatically placing punched nuts in molded sheet metal parts

Punched nuts have proven particularly reliable in automobile manufacturing. It takes just one work step to punch a hole and insert a nut into a sheet metal part. Usually, the tool is integrated directly into the sheet metal press so that the nuts can be inserted simultaneously in just one press stroke. When it comes to multiple punchings, setting the tools optimally can be very complex and time-consuming. If the position of the nuts changes, high tooling costs, long retooling and downtimes can result.

We designed and constructed a robot system for a leading automotive supplier that places the punching nuts outside the press – with greater flexibility and zero retooling time. This robot station enables numerous molded parts with completely different nut positions to be produced without having to retool the system. If the position of the nuts changes, as when the product design is modified, the new model variant is simply added to the robot program.

At a glance

Flexible robot cell for the automatic positioning of punching nuts in large molded sheet metal parts

Streamlined cooperation between two “processing robots,” each with a punching tool and a handling robot.

Maximum precision when positioning the nuts

Nut position changes accommodated without retooling time by simply adding the new model variant to the robot program.

High cycle rates


For almost 25 years, we have planned, developed and constructed robot-supported production systems as well as processing, assembly and handling solutions for our customers. Our more than 1,000 projects successfully implemented – from the robot cell to the completely interconnected production system – are a testament to our process expertise and experience across all industries.

We focus on custom-made solutions that include process analysis and design, software development and machine construction. We deliver them turnkey ready so they easily integrate into your production environment. We also offer standardized modular systems that can be easily and flexibly modified and are scalable to meet your production requirements.

We have compiled several sample projects so you can better understand how we operate.

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