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Robot cell for loading and unloading 100 kg-plus parts from CNC processing centers

Nowadays, CNC processing centers such as lathes must frequently process fluctuating batch sizes of the most diverse parts. That’s why machine tools must also be loaded and unloaded; a task that frequently requires the correct personnel. And more time is needed with heavier workpieces.

Our handling cell can load and unload CNC processing centers that process heavy and difficult-to-grip parts up to and exceeding 100 kg (e.g. rotation bodies).

When it comes to the range of parts, the cell is designed to be highly flexible and adjustable for maximum process reliability to ensure that it can function independently for long periods of time (e.g. an entire night shift).

At a glance

Designed to automatically load and unload CNC processing centers with heavy and hard-to-grip parts

High process reliability and integrated pallet storage with raw and finished part pallets for independent operation over long periods of time (e.g. an entire night shift)

Handles a broad range of parts, including raw parts with diameters ranging from 40 to 200 mm, lengths up to 600 mm and weights of 2 to 110 kg

Fast and easy retooling for other parts due to replaceable gripper jaws and adjustable gripper pressure

High cycle times when loading and unloading individually developed double grippers

Integrated collision protection for safely setting down raw and finished parts

Integrated turning station for workpieces

Complete modular design and very compact – easy to integrate into existing production processes

The handling cell not only packs heavy parts reliably, but is also very flexible when it comes to packaging raw and finished parts of almost any size and shape


For almost 25 years, we have planned, developed and constructed robot-supported production systems as well as processing, assembly and handling solutions for our customers. Our more than 1,000 projects successfully implemented – from the robot cell to the completely interconnected production system – are a testament to our process expertise and experience across all industries.

We focus on custom-made solutions that include process analysis and design, software development and machine construction. We deliver them turnkey ready so they easily integrate into your production environment. We also offer standardized modular systems that can be easily and flexibly modified and are scalable to meet your production requirements.

We have compiled several sample projects so you can better understand how we operate.

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