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Robot-supported production system for building front-end carriers for passenger cars

From formed sheet metal to finished and assembled front-end carriers: We have designed a complete production system for manufacturing front-end carriers for passenger cars – including the handling of all individual parts and interconnecting the individual production steps – for a leading automobile manufacturer. The system encompasses several robots for handling and assembling components and for loading and unloading an injection molding machine, as well as an efficient material flow solution with a feeder unit for the raw parts and discharge unit for finished parts. A special challenge was to integrate a production system next to an injection molding machine in a very small space.

The front-end carriers to be produced are made of plastic-injected sheet metal and Z struts mounted on top. In passenger cars, a front-end carrier is located in the front of the fenders and forms the carrying element for the entire front-end module, including headlights, etc.

For this project, iNDAT developed a special joining station where two robots work together. One robot handles the semi-finished and finished parts between the conveyor belt and the joining station while the other removes the Z struts from another feed line and inserts them into the semi-finished part.

At a glance

Complete production system for passenger car front-end carriers

Cooperation between numerous robots with multiple grippers in various areas

Material flow solution with special pallets for buffering

The special joining station was developed by iNDAT

Integration of an injection molding machine modified to the specific cycle time

Production of different variants without retooling times

Special grippers to gently handle injection-molded workpieces

Discharge of finished parts and detection of defective parts

Low personnel expenses


For almost 25 years, we have planned, developed and constructed robot-supported production systems as well as processing, assembly and handling solutions for our customers. Our more than 1,000 projects successfully implemented – from the robot cell to the completely interconnected production system – are a testament to our process expertise and experience across all industries.

We focus on custom-made solutions that include process analysis and design, software development and machine construction. We deliver them turnkey ready so they easily integrate into your production environment. We also offer standardized modular systems that can be easily and flexibly modified and are scalable to meet your production requirements.

We have compiled several sample projects so you can better understand how we operate.

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