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Robot system for assembling HELICOIL thread inserts

The robot system automatically fully assembles Helicoil thread inserts in die-casting components. Two handling robots supply the thread-forming station, assemble the Helicoil thread inserts and place the finished parts on pallets which are then placed in the transport rack. The solution includes a series of specially developed robotic stations, including the assembly station for the Heli-Coil thread inserts. An inline test of all essential processing steps ensures the highest level of process reliability.

In the handling cell, one robot loads and unloads the thread-forming station where the interior threads for holding the Helicoil inserts are formed in the die-casting components. The workpieces are placed on a carrier tray that is transported to the assembly cell. There, the second robot takes over and feeds the tray into the Helicoil thread insert assembly station. With the help of two NC assembly spindles, the robots place two Helicoil inserts on the spindles that are then rotated into the interior threads. At another station, the tangs that were needed for the previous assembly step are broken off and vacuumed up. The first robot then automatically places the finished parts on the transport tray.

At a glance

Helicoil thread insert assembly station developed with two handling robots

Automatic placement of the Helicoil inserts on the spindles at the assembly station

Insertion of the Helicoil inserts by the thread insert assembly station

Removal of the broken off Helicoil tangs using the suction device with venturi nozzle

Precise stacking of the finished workpieces in the transport tray using a camera and image processing

Option to rapidly feed in new modified part

Inline check of the condition of the Helicoil inserts (OK/NOK), the screw-in depth, the torque and suction

Automatic sorting out of defective parts and placement in the scrap container


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