High-precision joining and assembly systems for
optimally automated workpiece processing.

Parts spectrum

  • Connectors
  • Small electrical appliances
  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Electrical drives, sensors, actuators
  • Mechatronic assemblies


  • Assembling, screwing, bonding, punching, joining, riveting, singulating, laser marking, packaging etc.
  • Optical inspection systems for quality assurance
  • Machining single parts and components
  • Assembly tests and function tests


  • 100 % quality = 0 ppm strategy
  • Extremely low unit costs, minimum set-up times
  • Linking of assembly and inspection steps
  • Fast adaptation to other component groups
  • 100 % traceability
  • High output and availability

Range of services

  • Compact and flexible cells in modular design
  • Complete solutions: automation/integration/software
  • Turnkey solution
  • Customized configuration

Product examples Joining and Assembly


WORKPIECES: Small electrical appliances, mechanical assemblies, sensors and actuators
SPECIFICATION: Automatic feeding of all single parts. Assembly of all single parts by press-fitting, screwing, welding, bonding etc., laser marking of the finished assembly.
PARTS HANDLING: Rotary indexing system with up to 12 stations, connection to transfer system with workpiece carrier, tray stacker and palletizer.
QUALITY ASSURANCE: Integrated quality assurance with camera systems, process monitoring of the joining stations.
ADVANTAGES: Compact and flexible cells in modular design, complete solution: Automation/Integration/Software, turnkey solution.


WORKPIECES: Connectors for cable harness production and vehicle wiring electrical systems.
SPECIFICATION: Automatic feeding of all single parts. Punch pin positions in insulation insert, join connector housing, optical inspection of correct locking position, laser marking on housing.
PARTS HANDLING: Linear transfer system combined with workpiece carrier system and linear cycle system with feeding systems for parts singulation.
QUALITY ASSURANCE: Integrated quality assurance with a total of 8 camera systems, joining processes monitored.
ADVANTAGES: 100 % quality = 0 ppm strategy, very low unit costs, minimum set-up times, interlinked assembly and inspection processes, easy to adapt for other component groups. 100% traceability, high output and availability.


WORKPIECES: Rotors, sleeves, bearings, bearing caps, bearing washers.
Handling weight: up to 20 kg.
SPECIFICATION: Clean, check, wet and feed joining parts, measure and mount rotors, carry out final joining process, unload joined components, subsequent cleaning step.
GRIPPING TECHNOLOGY: Active gripper with absolute measuring system.
INSPECTION TECHNOLOGY: Checks for assembly errors made by camera.
ADDITIONAL: Connection to factory MES.
ADVANTAGES: High degree of automation, optimized work processes, compact interlinking of assembly, cleaning and inspection steps.

Application examples Joining and Assembly

With iNDAT robot cells, components are joined and assembled almost as if by hand. The force applied is adapted for each specific workpiece. To ensure optimal assembly results, tasks are carried out with extreme precision and accuracy.

Press release

Robot-assisted assembly of Helicoil thread inserts

Maximum flexibility – minimum set-up time: Against the background of these requirements, iNDAT Robotics GmbH has developed and built a robot system for the fully automatic assembly of Helicoil thread inserts into die-cast parts.

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Press release

"Griff in die Kiste"-Solution: Bin-picking robot cell for automated raw part feeding

Lots of people talk about it – but hardly anyone gets around to doing it: at the moment, robot-assisted solutions for bin-picking applications are still rarely found in automated series productions.

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