Individually according to your needs.

On-site training programs

We offer a variety of training courses with different content relating to robotics and automation. Our focus is on informing you as best as possible about the capabilities of our technology and systems, as well as about maintenance aspects.

Our training courses impart both the details and the functions of the technology. Which aspects need to be considered in order to ensure safe handling, and how to optimize the performance of our systems.

“We train your employees according to their individual level of knowledge and your needs.”

iNDAT user training courses

Our product specialists ensure that your employees receive qualified training and instruction on iNDAT systems.

In addition to the basic information such as switching on, starting, safety and the various operating programs, we also teach you how to identify and rectify simple errors and faults.

Maintenance training courses

With the training courses on maintenance, your employees learn how to maintain and service iNDAT robot cells and manufacturing systems in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Unplanned machine downtimes can be avoided or significantly shortened by organizing processes efficiently, thus saving costs.

Thanks to the excellent technical knowledge imparted by our experts about the systems, these challenges can be mastered professionally and successfully and the value chain improved.

Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software application

By closely interlinking and coordinating the areas of mechanical, electrical and software engineering, customers receive technically mature and optimally matched systems designed for maximum productivity and a long service life.

Thanks to the decades of experience iNDAT has gained through diverse projects in this sector, we understand our customers’ problems and develop and deliver appropriate solutions.

State-of-the-art computer programs and work tools help our project managers and product experts to develop solutions for our customers.

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